2017 Cerdant Security Conference Materials

Cerdant Security State of the Union

Cerdant is celebrating its 15th year providing the best security possible to all our customers. Our system enhancements and increased IDS capabilities will shorten the time interval on “discovery and containment” to reduce or eliminate “exfiltration”. Cerdant President, Mike Johnson, also reviewed the top information security stories of 2016 and revealed the top tools for combatting cybercriminals.

Presented by: Mike Johnson, President – Cerdant

Make Every Spin Count: Putting the Security Odds in Your Favor

Cerdant’s Director of Engineering, Joshua Skeens, presented the best ‘bets’ to increase your security odds. Josh warned customers to stop gambling with their data, and cautioned against weak, guessable passwords stating, “Use 2-Factor Authentication everywhere!” The first step in creating the best security posture possible for your business will always be just getting started, and to keep momentum Josh suggests implementing 1 new security practice each week.

Presented by: Joshua Skeens, Director of Engineering – Cerdant

Thinking Differently About Security Protection and Prevention

Introduction to the Next Generation endpoint control product that Cerdant is now supporting, Cylance. Cylance Sales Engineer, Peter Starceski, highlighted how the product leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide defenders with an advantage they have never possessed till now. Peter also shared examples of how machine learning has proven successful at stopping zero days and preventing ransomware prior to any other legacy solution. He examined the shifting nature of the threat landscape and to how to move beyond signature-based threat detection to rely on a mathematical, algorithmic, and scientific approach to disarming a threat.

Presented by: Peter Starceski, Sr. Principal Systems Engineer – Cylance

SonicWALL Advanced Features

In this breakout session Cerdant’s top engineers, Jeremiah Johnson and Jason Palm displayed how to get the most out of your SonicWALL device by utilizing advanced features like Capture ATP and DPI-SSL.

Presented by: Jeremiah Johnson, CISSP, Principal Network Engineer & Jason Palm, Network Security Engineer – Cerdant

SonicWALL Roadmap: Coming Soon

Presented by: Dmytriy Ayrapetov, Executive Director of Product Management – SonicWALL

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